# Custom Sabers

# Installation


Sabers need to be made specifically for Quest or PC and are not interchangeable between the two. You can tell which platform a saber is for by the file extension. .saber files are for PC while Quest uses .zip files.

# PC Sabers

The latest Custom Saber mod can be found in the #pc-mods channel (opens new window) in the BSMG Discord or in Mod Assistant (opens new window). Run Mod Assistant, select the Custom Saber mod, and click Install. Once you've installed it you will see a folder called CustomSabers in your install folder, this is where you should place the *.saber files you want to use.

You can download more sabers on ModelSaber (opens new window).

For those who want more customization to their sabers, Saber Factory (opens new window) allows you to create your own sabers in-game. You download parts and combine them like lego pieces with the ability to change the shape, shaders, material properties, textures and more.

# Quest Sabers

Custom Sabers for Quest are provided by the Qosmetics mod. The latest version can be found in the #quest-mods channel (opens new window) in the BSMG Discord. Sabers are called qsabers and are currently hosted in the Qosmetics Community Discord (opens new window).

# Usage

# PC Users

Inside the game in the main menu you will see on the left a CUSTOM SABERS or SABERFACTORY button under the Mods section. Pressing it will open up the menu you can use to select which sabers you want to use.


Once selected, the sabers will only show up only while a song is playing and not while in the menu.

# Quest Users

Upload the .qsaber file to your Quest using the BMBF Web Interface. You can then select which saber is active from the Qosmetics menu in-game.

# Creating Sabers

MissRaynor's Saber Guide is an excellent resource for learning how to make your own sabers.