# Custom Avatars

# Installation

The latest Custom Avatar plugin can be found in the #pc-mods channel in the BSMG discord or in Mod Assistant. Once installed you should see a file called CustomAvatar.dll inside your Plugins folder. You should also see a folder called CustomAvatars in the main install folder—this is where you will be placing the *.avatar files you want to use. You can download more avatars on ModelSaber.

# Usage


This is very outdated

The plugin uses the keyboard to change the settings. Make sure you have the game in focus, i.e. click on the desktop game window.

Key Description
Page Up Cycles to the next avatar in your list
Page Down Cycles to the previous avatar in your list
Home Toggles first person visibility (HMD)


Some avatars were not made with first person view in mind, so they might block your vision if enabled.


Avatars are not selected by default. Use Page Up / Page Down with the game in focus to switch to an avatar if none appear at first.

# Creating Avatars

Assistant's Avatar Guide is a good resource for learning how to make your own avatar.

The guide includes a short video narrated by Megalon, however it is intended to be an overview and you should watch it in addition to reading the guide, not lieu of.