3D Models

All custom model mods were created separately by different people. Each mod has its own dedicated page detailing installation and usage instructions. These are listed below and in the sidebar.

Where to find models


ModelSaberopen in new window is the current repository for sabers, avatars, bloqs, and platforms. It includes preview images, and OneClick™ install links.


All models are manually approved before appearing on the site. Please do not reupload any already existing models to the website.


You can also find an uncurated list (with potentially more items) in the #pc-models channel on the BSMG Discordopen in new window for PC and Qosmetics Discordopen in new window for Quest.

Creating models

Want to learn how to make your own models? Check out one of our guides down below!

Migrating models

Have you made models prior to Beat Saber 1.29.4? You may need to migrate your shaders using the Shader Migration Guide