# Custom Platforms

# Installation

The latest Custom Platforms plugin can be found in the mod installers. Run ModAssistant, select the Custom Platforms plugin, and click Install. Once you've installed it you will see a folder called CustomPlatforms in your install folder, this is where you should place the *.plat files you want to use.

You can download more platforms on ModelSaber.

# Video Tutorial

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz7EPPqUjJ4 is not a valid YouTube URL!

# Usage


This seems outdated

Inside the game in the main menu you will see a button called PLATFORMS near the bottom right of the center panel. Clicking that will open up a menu where you can preview and select which platform you want to use. Note that if you intend to use Progress Counter from Counters+, most platforms will block the center song timer.

# Creating Platforms

Emma's Platform Guide is a great resource for learning how to make your own platforms.