Health and Safety

Can't hit bloq with vegetable arms!

General Tips

Beat Saber can be a pretty physically demanding game and it is important to treat play sessions just like a workout. We strongly recommend that you stretch and warm up before each play session to avoid physical injury, including damage to the wrist and shoulders. Common injuries include repetitive strain injury (RSI) to the wrist and shoulders.

Stretching isn't just limited to people playing crazy custom songs either, you can injure yourself even if a map seems short or simple.

Remember to stay hydrated, and breathe!

Tino's Guide to Warm Up and Recovery

Tino is a top 10 player in Canada who kindly wrote a very detailed guide covering proper warm up, recovery, and injury relief. Check it out here!open in new window

Wrist Care


Generally, we do not recommend using weights for this game. Beat Saber is already a workout and people hurt themselves all the time without weights. You're basically subjecting your wrists to constant whiplash, and adding weights is only going to make things worse.

If you insist on using weights then please at least check out this guideopen in new window by VR Fitness Insider to minimize the risk of injury.

Dr Levi Harrison's Tips

Dr. Levi has saved the wrist of countless players with his videos, and he's made a video specifically covering some exercises to help prevent injury from playing Beat Saber! We highly recommend his tips! is not a valid YouTube URL!


Keep your playspace clear of obstructions, allow adequate room around during gameplay, and always wear your wrist straps.

Allow Adequate Room Around You


Beat Saber is not available for the Nintendo Wii, this image is used for informative purposes only.

A Short Message from TammyMatty

To reduce the risk of physical injury, always remember to stretch before and after playing Beat Saber. Please consider the following: