# Grips And Tricks

A compilation of resources to help you to hit bloq

# Ranking Up Mega-Tutorial

An incredible writeup by TeknozFR to help you get that PP.

# Scoring

See this video by the Cube Community YT about how the scoring system works.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVbXCGddspA is not a valid YouTube URL!

Additionally, here's an image from the devs about how the hitboxes work

Bloq Hitbox

# Ranking

How does global ranking work? What are performance points? What are the numbers in my brackets? Why is my PP so small?

You can find your global ranking and PP on ScoreSaber - here you can search for your name. Your scoresaber account is tied to your Steam / Oculus username.

  1. Ranked songs are assigned PP (PP = performance points). The exact amount of PP gained is determined by the accuracy you finish a ranked song with. How much PP a ranked song is worth is determined by a secret algorithm developed by Umbranox, our Panda God.
  2. To avoid having skilled players grinding lots of easier songs that are worth less PP, a curve is applied to your plays. This curve is 0.965^(x-1) where x is the position of that score on your song list. e.g. If your top play is a 260 PP play, you will be rewarded 260 weighted PP which is a 100% of the raw PP of that play. If your second top play is 247 raw PP, you will be rewarded 238 weighted PP which is the actual amount of PP you get after the curve applies. Here is a list of my current top 4 plays where the raw PP is in italic and the weighted PP is in bold.
260pp -> 260pp (100% of raw PP)
247pp -> 238pp (96.5% of raw PP)
246pp -> 229pp (93.1% of raw PP)
244pp -> 219pp (89.9% of raw PP)
  1. To rank up, get scores on new songs that are worth more or a similar amount of PP to your top scores. When you don't have any new high PP songs to play, replay songs on your first pages to get better scores. Here is a spreadsheet by DuoVR of all the ranked songs and how much PP they are worth. This list is updated every 24 hours.

Here is another site by DuoVR where you can input your scoresaber profile and it shows you songs that you should play for a lot of PP.

This section is adapted from Tek's writeup in the Beat Saber Canadian discord.


Songs are ranked/unranked by a ranking team in the ScoreSaber Discord.
You can follow along in this server to see what changes happen!

# Grips

Cube Community made some videos showing off some of the more popular grips for Oculus Touch controllers (CV1) and Vive Wands.

# HTC Vive Wands

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7x_wb7RrgU is not a valid YouTube URL!

Vive Grips Guide

# Oculus Rift

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFt90q69aEA is not a valid YouTube URL!

Oculus Grips Guide

# Oculus Rift S and Quest

A video has not yet been made for Rift S and Quest controllers, but you can find some examples in addition to the image below in their #tips-and-grips channel! CC Discord
Oculus Rift S/Quest Guide

# Valve Index Controllers

A video has not yet been made for Index controllers, but you can find some examples in their #tips-and-grips channel!
CC Discord

# Improve Vive controller tracking

Your body may be blocking one lighthouse from seeing one of your controllers. Here are some steps that may help improve tracking.

  1. Move into the corner of your playspace.
  2. Rotate your body 45 degrees so that your lighthouses can see both controllers.
  3. Rotate the room within Beat Saber's settings to compensate, so that you appear facing forward within the game.

Vive Tracking Help

This can apply to oculus sensors too.

# Touch Controller Battery Disconnect

The force of your swings in Beat Saber can cause the spring in the touch controllers to compress and disconnect the battery for a brief moment. This is what happens when you see your saber lose positional tracking but still rotate in place. To alleviate this, ragesaq recommends adding extra springs inside the battery compartment to decrease the likelihood of battery disconnects happening, explained in this Reddit post

# Also Consider

Also Consider