# Quest Modding

# Preface

  • This guide is for both Quest 1 and Quest 2.
  • Nobody has yet been banned for modding.


By choosing to use mods, you understand that:

  • You may experience problems that don't exist in the vanilla game. 99.9% of bugs, crashes, and lag are due to mods.
  • Mods are subject to being broken by updates and that's normal - be patient and respectful when this happens, as modders are volunteers with real lives.
  • Beat Games aren't purposefully trying to break mods. They wish to work on the codebase and sometimes this breaks mods, but they are not out to kill mods.

Do not attack the game developers for issues related to mods, and vice versa - modders and game developers are two separate groups. Just don't be a jerk ok.

# Installation

Currently the only recommended way to install custom songs and mods is BMBF sideloaded with SideQuest.


Installing BMBF and modding your game will disable Official Multiplayer, viewing, and uploading scores on base game leaderboards. This is because Oculus does not authenticate modded games.

See ScoreSaber (opens new window) for information on setting up ScoreSaber, the community leaderboard system on your Quest.
Note: ScoreSaber does not replace the base game leaderboards, it only adds leaderboards for custom songs.

# Installing BMBF with SideQuest

If you haven't already, download and setup SideQuest (opens new window)

Open SideQuest and connect your Quest to your PC. If you've previously modded Beat Saber or have scores you want to backup, go to My Apps located in the top bar of the window and find Beat Saber.

Click the cog next to it then press the BACKUP GAME DATA button. If you have a modded game you also need to uninstall it by pressing the UNINSTALL APP button.


You can later restore your save from the same menu, after modding.

Install the latest BMBF apk via the Install APK from folder button shown below.


Once they've successfully installed, make sure you have the latest version of Beat Saber installed and unmodded.


Run Beat Saber once and close it before modding!

After running Beat Saber once, open BMBF from Oculus TV channels tab or Unknown Sources in your library. UnknownSourced

Follow each step exactly as you're told. Then, you should see bsaber.com (opens new window). This is where you can download any custom songs available.

If at any point during the install process, you get the Restore App popup just click Close. This warning is more directed to pirated versions of the game so if you're just modding there will likely be no consequences for ignoring it.


# Restoring save data

# Restoring from SideQuest

Go back to the same menu you used to backup your data and click the OPEN BACKUPS button. From there, find your newest backup folder, open it, and delete the Mods folder (this is to prevent potentially old or incompatible mods from breaking your game).

Afterwards, go back to the menu and press the circular arrows located beside your latest backup. This is to restore your scores. The button is highlighted in the image here.

# Installing mods

# Inside your Quest


Not all mods are available in QuestBoard!
If a mod is not seen in here, you should follow the Using Your PC method instead.

Open BMBF in your Quest and go to the Browser tab, there you should see a globe icon similar to what's shown below. Click it, then click the QuestBoard button.


You should be greeted with the QuestBoard website below. Next, select the DOWNLOAD MODS tab.


Scroll down with your thumbsticks. You can now select any mod from the list, seen below, and download it by hitting the download button next to it. Some downloads may redirect you to a website or GitHub page. If so, follow the instructions onscreen, or select the latest .zip in the Releases list, respectively.


# Using your PC


Make sure your Quest and PC are on the same network!

Open BMBF in your Quest and go to the Tools tab, there you should see a web address and a version number similar to what's shown below.


On your PC, open your browser and type the address into the search bar.

You should be greeted with this screen below.


Now just drag any Quest compatible mods into the upload box and sync. If the mod was originally made for an older version, then it won't automatically enable. To enable an old mod, go to the Mods tab and enable it from there.

If you want to use the same method of downloading songs as you do in BMBF in your Quest, just replace upload in the URL with browser.

# Installing songs

# Inside your Quest

There are 2 sources to getting custom maps inside your Quest using the browser window.

Both have a OneClick™ button that easily installs that song onto your Quest. You can switch between these websites using the globe icon in the top right of the browser window.

# Using your PC

If you are unable to install songs inside your Quest, you can install maps using your computer similar to installing mods.

  1. Visit BeastSaber (opens new window) or BeatSaver (opens new window) on your computer
  2. Download the zip
  3. Follow the Installing mods using your PC steps up to the upload files screen.
  4. Drag and drop the map zip in and it should be installed!


If you want to test a map you have created see the Testing on a Quest Section in the Mapping Wiki section for steps on packing it up for testing!

# Troubleshooting

I watched this video by Elite Eric, but I got stuck/it didn't work. What gives?

We at BSMG strongly suggest against using any tutorials by Elite Eric. After reviewing much of his content, they contain a large amount of incomplete, erroneous, or straight up incorrect information. Attempts to reach out to him to correct these errors has unfortunately been met with silence and new (also incorrect) tutorials.

Instead, you should follow the written guides here on the wiki or seek out help in the BSMG Discord (opens new window).

# Adding mods from beatmods.com or models from modelsaber.com does not work

The reason adding mods from BeatMods (opens new window) or models from ModelSaber (opens new window) doesn't work is because those mods and sabers are for PC Only.

Get Quest compatible Mods from Questboard (opens new window) or #quest-mods in the Beat Saber Modding Group Discord, with Quest compatible sabers, bloqs, and walls in the Qosmetics Community (opens new window). Once you have your mod or model zip use the BMBF Web Interface to install it.

# Sideloading BMBF failed

When sideloading BMBF you get the error INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package com.weloveoculus.BMBF signatures do not match the previously installed version; ignoring!

You will need to uninstall the BMBF version on your Quest. You can do this from SideQuest's My Apps menu.

# BMBF web interface not loading

If your BMBF Web Interface is not loading, be sure that you're typing the IP from the tools tab into your browser on your computer that's on the same network. Make sure that:

  1. Your IP is not, if that shows up try rebooting your headset and/or router.
  2. BMBF is open in the headset
  3. There is http:// at the beginning of the link, not https://
  4. You have :50000 at the end of your link
  5. Your PC and Quest are on the same wifi network
  6. Your IP is still the same as it can change from time to time

If none of these work, restart your Quest and go through the list again.

# BMBF not loading configuration after a few minutes

This is likely due to using BMBF on a game version it was not built for. Such as using BMBF for Beat Saber version 1.13.0 when the version of the game installed on the headset is 1.12.2.
If the game version matches what the BMBF release page says its built for, try restarting your headset. If it still does not work use the BMBF Web Interface and click Quick Fix in the Tools tab.

# Beat Saber is black when I launch it

Open the library on your Quest. Click the three dots next to Beat Saber and then click Permissions. In the menu that pops up, enable storage permissions and try launching the game again.

# My Sabers and Mods wont enable/work!

This is most likely due to having an outdated BMBF Client, grab the latest BMBF Release (opens new window). If the BMBF version for your Beat Saber is not there then please wait a while for the unicorns to update BMBF.

  • If your mod is supposed to be compatible with your version of BMBF, then make sure there is no folder separating the contents of the .zip file.
  • If your level doesn't load then try installing mapping extensions from #quest-mods
  • If your BMBF is on the latest version and mods wont be enabled in game, uninstall Beat Saber with the uninstall BS button in the BMBF Tools tab then reinstall and remod.
  • In very very very rare cases, BMBF does not have file permissions to copy mods into the right location. Check in SideQuest to make sure BMBF has file permissions.

# My Beat Saber gets 3 dots when I launch!

If your Beat Saber is getting 3 dots when launching make sure that:

  1. You launched and played one song before modding the game
  2. You're not using a pirated version of the game
  3. Make sure you're using the latest version of BMBF