Too many anime maps? Not enough anime maps? Ready to take matters into your own hands? You've come to the right place.

Tutorials and References

Video Guides

Written Guides

Take these guides with a grain of salt! They're not the holy bible of mapping - a lot of these are still opinions. Not everyone's shares the same vocabulary either (what on earth is "drumsticking"?) My advice is to follow these rules until you're comfortable with your skills, and then get creative, experiment and innovate!

Ranking Criteria

Maps that are ranked and worth PP need to adhere to the ScoreSaber Ranking Critera. To learn more about the ranking process, visit the ScoreSaber Discord.

Publishing Songs

When you're ready to release your map to the public, upload it to

Please** do not** upload WIPs to BeatSaver! It's hard to tell which maps aren't finished in game, and anyone who plays your WIP without practice mode will create a new leaderboard for that map. Uploading to BeatSaver should be akin to putting it on store shelves - that is, it's your final product. To share for playtesting, we encourage you to use the #testplays channel in the discord and get feedback to improve your map!

Community Editor

Most custom maps are being made using the community built map editors.

Currently, the community editors use a different format than the official one. The formats will be unified in the future, but the community editors don't support the official format and thus community-made songs cannot be loaded using the native game song loader yet. To convert your map into a format that the game and BeatSaver will recognize, use Songe Converter.

Mediocre Mapper

This is the editor used by the vast majority of the community. It is recommended to use either this or the official editor to make custom maps.

The vast majority of the community uses this editor, because it's by far the most feature rich and most recently updated. However, this is still first and foremost squeaksies' personal editor.
It's filled to the brim with memes and inside jokes, and he doesn't give a flying heck what you think about it. You have been warned!

A new web-based beat saber editor. Runs in the browser so it's platform agnostic. Check it out at

Other Resources


A tool to automatically generate lighting events for a custom song by Freeek and Recrudesce!
Get it here:
Explanation video and examples:


You can use the osu! editor to help you with timing when creating your map. Here is a video tutorial by Fayhe

BPM Saber

Elliotttate's tool for finding the BPM of a song

"Mappers" role on the Beat Saber Modding Group Discord

If you'd like to apply for the Mappers role on the Beat Saber Modding Group Discord, use the following google form.
You will be contacted when your application is looked at, but due to the limited staff and higher priority tasks to get to, the wait could be long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Beat Saber installed to use the editors?

Offical editor, yes. Community editors, no. MediocreMapper will ask for the Beat Saber directory, but it can be any folder.

What if I want to make my own editor / converter?

Take a look at the SongCore documentation on Kyle 1413's GitHub

Where are custom maps saved?

Custom maps are read from the Beat Saber/Beat Saber_Data/CustomLevels folder in your Beat Saber install folder. If your song isn't complete, place it in CustomWIPLevels to prevent custom leaderboards from being made for it.
Where is Beat Saber installed? See install folder.

"Your audio file name is wrong" message in the editor

The 3D Editor only supports .ogg files. You have to convert your file to Ogg Vorbis using a converter, such as Audacity.
If you simply change the file extension to .ogg, it will not work.

How do I delay a song so that it doesn't start right when the level loads?

Currently this isn't possible in Beat Saber or the editors. For now you have to edit the song in an audio editor (such as Audacity) to add silence at the beginning of the track.
Check out Kolezan's Song/Audio Editing Guide for instructions.

I'm having issues uploading the map to BeatSaver, it says the format is invalid but everything looks right.

If you have Windows file extensions turned off, then you might have unknowingly saved your files with names like cover.jpg.jpg. To turn off file extensions in Windows, see the following image:
File Extensions

I want to double the BPM of my song, is there an easy way to do that?

Here is a Python3 Script that will multiply the BPM and _time values in your JSON file by any given factor.