# Mapping Resources Contributors

Over thirty different mapping guides and tutorials have been combined into this wiki so that it can be maintained by the community as a whole. Many many MANY thanks to the mappers who blazed this trail and contributed content. Checkout their maps and consider supporting them!

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# Aeroluna

Contributed the environment screenshots from game version 1.6 to Basic Lighting and is the maintainer of Chroma and Noodle Extensions!
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Awfulnaut

Wrote the Beat Saber Custom Mapping Best Practices for Block Placement guide which the majority of Basic Mapping: Pattern Best Practices was based on.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# BennyDaBeast

An awesome dance mapper who created a video tutorial series on how to map for those who learn better visually.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Bloodcloak

Really into Japanese and EDM music with the occasional K-pop song and loves creating dance style maps.
Helps maintain and improve the resources.
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# Bullet

Contributed environment lighting videos in Basic Lighting and Chroma sections in Intermediate Lighting and Advanced Lighting. Has an interesting username...
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Caeden117

Modder, Moderator, Mapper, EditorMaster... Caeden does it all. As the primary dev on the ChroMapper project (which natively supports 360) he contributed a TON for 360°/90° best practices.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber | Donate

# Checkthepan

Some nerd who spends more time writing about mapping than actually doing it. Adapted the theory of parity and wrote a guide on how it applies in Beat Saber mapping as well as contributing to 360°/90° best practices.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# CyanSnow

A furry on Mondays and Wednesdays, makes awesome maps with various gimmicks. Verified information on a lot of things and contributed to the walls section in Intermediate Mapping!
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# DarkGrisen

Contributed to the Intermediate Mapping page.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Freeek

Works at Beat Games as an Official Mapper. Created one of the first mapping tutorial series and drops by in #mapping-discussion from time to time.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# fruhead

A mapper who focuses on creating accessible low expert+ and below maps. Originally got into mapping in order to add some more rock and metal maps to compete with the weeb and nightcore maps, only to end up making more weeb and nightcore maps. Tests maps on occasion, though has PTSD from 1999 and official editor. Creator of the Beginner's Guide to Mapping tutorial series.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Gabmiral

Contributed MMA2 installation instructions for Linux. Actually not a mapper.

# The Good Boi

Helped organize a convenient spreadsheet that contains all of the controls for the community editors.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Helen Carnate

The plushie queen who organized the majority of these resources. The guides wouldn't be like they are today without them!
BeatSaver | BeastSaber | Etsy Shop

# Hexagonial

Wrote a guide on forbidden patterns in E+ maps that was integrated into the Basic Mapping: Gauging Difficulty & Down-Mapping section. Also is a ranking team member!
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Kival Evan

Contributed to the 360°/90° best practices thanks to extensive experimentation with the new mode.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Kolezan

Full Spread and Single Saber Maps galore.
Authored content in Basic Audio Setup and Advanced Audio Editing with Nik and Basic Lighting with LittleAsi.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# LittleAsi

A lighting mentor and member of Funrankable, they authored a lot of content to the lighting resources with Kolezan.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber | Funrankable

# Megalon

Co-creator of the BSMG as well as Channel Monitor Bot. He's known for his creative stream overlays and amazing ASMR voice. Created a video tutorial on using the Official Editor and manages the wiki repository.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber | GitHub | Twitch | Donate

# ManDynasty

Wrote various guides on lighting that was integrated into Basic Lighting.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Nik/n3tman

Makes playlists and dabbles in audio editing. Authored content in Basic Audio Setup and Advanced Audio Editing with Kolezan.

# Puds

Wrote Beginner's Lighting Guideline, a guide that was integrated into Basic Lighting.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Pyrowarfare

A Bsaber curator who wrote the majority of content for How to Playtest, Mapping Anxiety and contibuted on various other pages.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Ris

Wrote Warping Variable BPM Songs with Reaper based off of a method by Heisenberg_IRL that was integrated into Advanced Audio Editing: Variable BPM.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Ryger

Created a tutorial video on syncing songs using Arrow Vortex.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber | YouTube

# Scrappy

Wrote the original mapping extensions walls guide.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Silent Caay

Wrote the original "Quick Start Guide" on mapping on BeastSaber.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Skeelie

Bringer of eye damage with his flashy light shows, he can help you make your map shine! Contributed to Advanced Lighting.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber | YouTube | Twitch

# Skyler Wallace

Managed the first anniversary pack and a founder of Bloq Busters. Skyler makes it a point to do full spread mapping.
Authored The Ultimate Beat Saber Mapping Guide which has been integrated across many of the resources.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Spooky Ghost

Creator of beatwalls, a command line tool to easily create awesome Mapping Extensions walls. Contributed content in Extended Mapping: Wall Mapping.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber | GitHub

# Sykes

Wrote guides on what "swing" beat is, how the "shuffle" parameter would make mapping easier, and down-mapping lower difficulties.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Uninstaller

Ranking team member that authored a guide on modding maps for ranked.
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