Editor Keybinds

There are usually multiple ways to accomplish the same action, however, keyboard shortcuts are the most efficient.


  • These are the default keybinds which may change at any time. Some editors may also allow you to change the keybinds.
  • You can find more info on Beatmapper's keybinds hereopen in new window. There are some actions that are very specific to Beatmapper that may not be noted on this page.

If this format doesn't work for you, this Google Sheetopen in new window, which this wiki page is based off of, is also available but is slightly out of date.

General Keybinds


Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
Move cameraRight Click+W/A/S/D/MouseShift+W/A/S/D/MouseRight Click+W/A/S/D/Mouse
Set note directionW/A/S/D/FW/A/S/D/FW/A/S/D/F
Change edit precisionCtrl+ScrollCtrl+ScrollCtrl+Scroll
Red note11 or R1
Blue note22 or B2
Save mapCtrl+SN/A (Autosaves)Ctrl+S

Element Selection

Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
Select itemShift+LClickLClickShift+LClick
Select many itemsCtrl+LClick ⇒ ScrollQ ⇒ Fill in infoCtrl/Alt+LClick or Ctrl+LClick ⇒ Scroll
DeselectCtrl+A or Ctrl+DLClickCtrl+A

Edit Notes

Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
RedoCtrl+Shift+ZCtrl+Shift+ZCtrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Y
Quick DeleteShift+Middle MouseRight ClickShift+Middle Mouse
Move NoteAlt+Drag or Select ⇒ Shift+Up/Down ArrowCtrl+Arrows or Alt+Drag
Note ActionsAlt+LClick
Change DirectionAlt+W/A/S/D over NoteAlt+Scroll Wheel over Note
Swap ColorMiddle MouseMiddle MouseMiddle Mouse


Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
Jump to beatJ
Jump to BookmarkPrevious: [ Next: ]Click on UI Bookmark
Jump to ItemAlt+Shift+Click

Useful Tricks

Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
Custom event windowCtrl+T
Swap precision paletteX
Open error checkerShift+Tab
Reset cameraBackspaceBackspace

Mapping Extensions

Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
Swap to fake wallCtrl+F over wallMiddle Click over Wall
Rotate noteAlt+Scroll over noteAlt+Scroll over note


Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
In-place editAlt+ Right mouse
Edit BPM blockAlt+Click over BPM block

Lighting Keybinds


Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
Open Lighting MenuTab"Events" Sidebar ButtonTab

See General Keybinds: Basic for changing edit precision and Element Selection on how to select items.


Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
Jump to beatJ

Advanced Lighting

Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
StrobeW/A/D+SSee Strobe Generator
Change laser speedAlt+Scroll over Laser SpeedAlt+Scroll over Laser Speed
Color strobe toggleF2See Strobe Generator
No-off strobe toggleF3See Strobe Generator


Mediocre Map Assistant 2BeatmapperChroMapper
Magenta noteQ
Green noteE
Gray noteR
Open RGB colorsShift+C
Save colorRight Click paletteLeft Click "+" Button
Use colorLeft Click paletteLeft Click Palette
Remove colorShift+Left Click Palette



Strobe Generator

An advanced tool that allows you to easily generate a strobe or Chroma gradient between two (or more) selected endpoints. It allows you to set what two event types you want to strobe, as well as the two event types you wish to strobe between. You can control the strobe interval, whether or not chroma gradients can form, and much more.

Strobe Generator Window

Node Editor

An advanced tool that allows you to view and edit a selected object as it will appear in the exported map data file. You can manually edit each and every map object, allowing for a degree of control no other editor has. Essentially an easier way to JSON edit your map.

Node Editor Window


Content in this section was authored by The Good Boi, Caeden117, and Bloodcloak. Idea by Helen Carnate.