# Supports

The Support role is a symbol of thanks. Thanks for the thousands of messages and hundreds of hours spent helping people sort out their mods, and for for building a knowledge of troubleshooting base through macros and the wiki. We don't typically give this role out, but when we do it's because someone has gone above and beyond for the server.

# Kolezan

He'll teach you to fix your plugins and your terribly off-beat first map. We've all been there.

Roles: Support, Mapper

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# L_Death

The first person to receive the Support role for assisting our Quest userbase. Roles: Support

# Pespiri

He'll give me his bio later today, or so he says.

Roles: Support, Modder


# Radevirot

This guy came out of nowhere and started helping in support saying it was some kind of addiction, what a loon.

Roles: Support

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# Emma

You might know them for their spectacular platforms, or for more refined individuals: yeet sabers.

Roles: Support, 3D Artist


# Channel Monitor Bot

The bot that holds it all together. Created by Megalon, recreated by lolPants, and personified by Rolo!