# Mapping Supports

The Mapping Support role is a symbol of thanks. Thanks for the thousands of messages sent in the mapping discussion channel and time spent building and maintaining the mapping resources to help people learn how to make maps. We don't typically give this role out, but when we do it's because someone has gone above and beyond for the server.

# Alzaraf

For some reason, spends way more time talking about mapping then actually mapping.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Bullet

Contributed lots of stuff to the Mapping section of the wiki. Has an interesting username...
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# CyanSnow

A furry on Mondays and Wednesdays, makes awesome maps with various gimmicks pushing mapping to the limit.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# fruhead

A mapper who focuses on creating accessible low expert+ and below maps. Originally got into mapping in order to add some more rock and metal maps to compete with the weeb and nightcore maps, only to end up making more weeb and nightcore maps. Tests maps on occasion, though has PTSD from 1999 and official editor. Creator of the Beginner's Guide to Mapping tutorial series.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Helen Carnate

The plushie queen who organized the majority of the mapping resources. The guides wouldn't be like they are today without them!
BeatSaver | BeastSaber | Etsy Shop

# Pyrowarfare

A BeastSaber curator who wrote the majority of content for How to Playtest, Mapping Anxiety, and contibuted on various other pages. Be warned: you will be asked to talk about your feelings.
BeatSaver | BeastSaber

# Skeelie

Bringer of eye damage with his flashy light shows, he can help you make your map shine!
BeatSaver | BeastSaber | YouTube | Twitch

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