# Modders

Making sure our games look the way we want them to, one plugin at a time.

# Aeroluna

The madman behind Noodle Extensions and the current maintainer for Chroma and Technicolor. He's one of the people that made Mod charts possible!

Roles: Modder Contributions: Noodle Extensions, Chroma, Technicolor

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# andruzzzhka

A huge contributor for the in-game downloader mod, and developer of the unofficial multiplayer plugin.

Roles: Modder Contributions: BeatSaver Downloader, Unoffical Multiplayer, Custom Menu Music (original)

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# angturil

Creator of the Song Request Manager, which makes twitch requests possible. Check out his wife's stream (opens new window)

Roles: Modder Contributions: Enhanced Stream Chat, StreamCore, SongRequestManager

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# Arti

Somone say text customization mods?

Roles: Modder Contributions: HitScoreVisualizer, CustomMenuText, CustomFailText

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# Auros

Built differently. On the goog.

Roles: Modder Contributions: SiraUtil, Enhancements, The "Di" Series, ImageFactory

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# bigfoot

Has large feet, maybe??

Roles: Modder Contributions: Full Combo Display, Immersive Mode, StreamInfo

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# brian (Retired)

Creator of CustomUI, making the creation of new UI components a breeze for modders. He's also created some of the most useful streaming tools used today, including taking over CameraPlus in xyonico's absence and the widely used Enhanced Stream Chat mod. This man wants more hip hop songs, get on it people!

Contributions: CustomUI, CameraPlus, Enhanced Stream Chat, StreamCore, SongRequestManager, Hidden Blocks, SyncSaber

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# ckosmic

Creator of CustomEnergyBars and SpectroSaber! Modding the funny cut block music game is cool. Also if you create any content for my mods I will probably remember you on my deathbed.

Roles: Modder Contributions: CustomEnergyBars, SpectroSaber

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# DaNike

Creator of the custom-tailored version of IPA (illusion plugin architecture) BSIPA, a mod injector to allow Beat Saber to use mods. An incredible tool that makes modding beat saber as easy as it is.

Roles: Modder Contributions: BSIPA

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# emulamer

A massive contributor to the development of quest mods.

Roles: Modder

# Eris

One of many with a very questionable sleep schedule. Creator of MorePrecisePlayerHeight. Ended up maintaining a wild variety of mods after adopting them from their original creators. Also Pink cute.

Roles: Modder Contributions: MorePrecisePlayerHeight, HitScoreVisualizer, ChatCore, EnhancedStreamChat, ...

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# Goobie

Maintainer of the mods that help you play with friends the right way. Considers herself best girl but thinks that Zenject needs more simps instead.

Roles: Modder Contributions: MultiplayerExtensions, MultiQuestensions

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# halsafar

Helps you sort out your 5000 custom songs in a reasonable manner.

Roles: Modder Contributions: SongBrowser

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# Henwill8

Quest Modder who made Replay which makes content creators' lives easier. Applauds names that have a letter replaced with Q (ex: zenjeqt, reqlay, qosmetics). Probably also blocked by Auros for this reason.

Roles: Modder Contributions: Replay, Song Difficulty Chart, Slice Visualizer, and Intro Skip (quest)

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# Ikeiwa

Everyone's favorite french furry. He kicked off modding early on with the original EditSaber and the earliest versions of the custom avatar plugin, among many others.

C'est pain au chocolat

Roles: Modder, 3D Artist, Staff (retired) Contributions: EditSaber, Custom Avatars, Custom Sabers, many more legacy plugins

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# ItsNovaHere

Creator of a variety of mods, as well as the super spiffy HitOverlay that some streamers use to show you how to cut bloq properly.

Roles: Modder Contributions: HitOverlay, Mega Jump, Random Notes, Nova's Fuckery

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# kOF.Readie

Creator of the BSDataPuller (opens new window) mod used for streaming and recording overlays.

Roles: Modder Contributions: BSDataPuller

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# Kyle1413

Resident Kirby and mod modder. One of the most active modders and a huge part in the evolution of mods over time as the original modders stop working on them, including the likes of SongLoader/SongCore and Custom Colors. 6 lanes, custom color and platform support, custom walls and custom characteristics are simply some examples of Kyle's contributions to custom map formats.

Roles: Modder, Support Contributions: A lot. He makes and maintains an extrordinary number of mods, both for PC and Quest.

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# Lauriethefish (TheProff)

Creator of the discord presence integration mod for quest, as well as the CustomFailText port and AutoDebris.

Roles: Modder Contributions: CustomFailText, Discord Presence and AutoDebris (quest)

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# MichaelZoller

Contributor to the beatsaber hooks used in quest modding and assists with creating infrastructure for the quest modding scene.

Roles: Modder

# monkeymanboy


Roles: Modder Contributions: Perfection Display, Custom Campaign, CustomUI

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# Moon

Does a lot of work with community plugins, like the BS Community Discord event plugins and the Christmas contest voting mod!

Roles: Modder Contributions: Community Plugins

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# nate1280

Face off against your friends with his Versus (opens new window) mod. Roles: Modder Contributions: Versus

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# nicoco007

Puts both way too much time and not enough time into Custom Avatars.

Roles: Modder Contributions: Custom Avatars, SiraLocalizer, and a few lines here and there in other mods

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# opl

Creator of the HTTPStatus tool that exposes tons of information about the game for other developers to use, often in fancy overlays for Twitch streams!

Roles: Modder Contributions: HTTPStatus

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# PixelBoom

"I don't really have much to say so uhh... watch Clannad."

Roles: Modder Contributions: PlaylistManager, PlaylistLoaderLite

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# PlasmaPower

A big part of the development for the Chroma suite, and a major contributor for updating plugins to 0.13!

Roles: Modder Contributions: CustomUI, Chroma

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# PureDark

If you've ever played darth maul mode, you have this guy to thank.

Roles: Modder Contributions: Darth Maul Plugin, Reactive Materials, Custom Key Events, Transparent Walls

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# Raemien

Behind some content creation improvements for Quest and experimental PC mods. Responsible for numerous duct tape bodges.

Roles: Modder Contributions: MRCPlus, CustomBackgrounds, ARCompanion, Burnout, Puro, MouseSaber, DebrisTweaks

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# raftario

does things sometimes ????

Roles: Modder Contributions: Misc Quest stuff, BeatMods

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# RedBrumbler

Ever used Custom sabers for quest? this guy made the mod for that.

Roles: Modder, Support, 3D Artists Contributions: Qosmetics, Custom Pillows (quest), Inverted arrows, AntiVertigo

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# Rolo

Creator of the Custom Platforms plugin and pumpkin carving extrordinaire. Also responsible for MVP so you can watch the Shrek movie as you play it in game!

Roles: Modder Contributions: Custom Platforms, MVP

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# Ruu

Our own LIV insider and creator of Saber Tailor and the original Custom Colors plugin.

Roles: Modder Contributions: Saber Tailor (original), Custom Colors (original)

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# Sc2ad

He plays a massive role in the Quest community and has helped a ton of modders create amazing mods! He uses a lot of his time on improving the core library for the Quest to make it easier for modders and is currently working on a package manager! He's been here from the start, and we appreciate all the work he's done to help the Quest community!
- Someone from BSMG

Roles: Modder Contributions: quest.

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# Shadnix

Current maintainer of Saber Tailor and Particle Overdrive. Made some other small things that since have become part of the base game options.

Roles: Modder Contributions: Saber Tailor, Particle Overdrive, Level Pack Panel Mover, NoteSpawnEffectRemover, AdaptiveSFXRemover

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# Shoko84

Making sure we're all nice and hydrated after cutting the blocks.

Roles: Modder Contributions: Custom Exit, Drink Water Mod

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# SkyKiwi

The madman who started Chroma and Chromatoggle. He added things to the game that suggests that his head isn't screwed on right, as well as created RGB lighting for mappers to use.

Roles: Modder Contributions: Chroma, Chromatoggle

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# Soliel

Mother of the original !bsr mod.

Roles: Modder Contributions: Original Twitch Integration

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# StarGazer1258

Creator of BeatDrop, everyone's favorite desktop application for custom song management!

Roles: Modder Contributions: BeatDrop

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# Toni Macaroni

Create some sabers, throw them and while you are waiting for them to return draw something nice.
Also official body pillow dealer.

Roles: Modder Contributions: Tricksaber, Saber Factory, Scribble, Custom Pillows

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# Trishume

A massive contributor to the development of quest mods.

Roles: Modder

# vanZeben

Fastest steam notification sending simulator developer in the West. He also created the mod repository BeatMods!

Roles: Modder Contributions: Beat Saber Online, BeatMods Creator

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# xyonico

Original creator of SongLoader and CameraPlus, and a major contributor to the custom avatar plugin. He's since moved on to develop other VR games, like Waltz of the Wizard (opens new window)!

Roles: Modder Contributions: SongLoader, CameraPlus

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