# Moderators

With a server so large, a lot of moderation is required to keep everything under control. You can thank this team for keeping the streets clean.

# 24Kings

I slap Java code together and it works most of the time. Fellow crippling Minecraft addict

Roles: Moderator

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# Burrito

Ironically doesn't like burritos, thinks tacos are better (true facts)

Roles: Moderator, Support

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# Chara_

crippling destiny addiction

Roles: Support, 3D Artists, Moderator

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# Eradawn

"Findus says hai"

Roles: Moderator, Support

# Hydrand

Camellia is SourPls

Roles: Mapper, Moderator

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# John

"Tired at all times"

Roles: Moderator

# Kuru

All they can say is that the R in Kuru stands for Rat

Roles: Moderator

# Nym

"i like the gaymes. Addicted to many, don't like any of them, send cat pics."

Roles: Moderator

# Olaf

Any stroopwafels?

Roles: Moderator

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# OneEyed

2 truths and a lie: Pink cute, CMB sentient, OneEyed has good spelling

Roles: Support, Moderator

# RangeValley

My dad worked for years as an admin, but he got laid off when bots took over. He came home that night and told me we had to move into the van, since we couldn't afford rent anymore, then he beat the shit out of me with jumper cables. Shitposting should be legal.

Roles: Moderator

# Razor

Literally no clue what he's doing when it comes to coding, at all, but he can fix ploogin.

Roles: Support, Moderator

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# Shad

"Every channel is just #pc-mod-support"

Roles: Moderator, Mapper, Support

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# Zion

kinda vibing

Roles: Moderator

# BeigeAnimal (Retired)

We had to whip this boy into a bit of shape but he's was one of the most effective moderators. He's not really specialized in any field but he's willing to lend a helping provided they ask in the right channel. Also hates sketchfab links.

Roles: Moderator, 3D Artists

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# DeeJay (Retired)


Roles: Moderator

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# Guatapuri (Retired)

"Came for the game, Stayed for the hugs"

Roles: Mapper, Moderator

# 𝔍𝔢𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔣𝔢𝔯 (Retired)


Roles: 3D Artists, Support, Moderator

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# joelseph (Retired)

+ joelseph

Roles: Moderator

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# Maladaze (Retired)

Can't hit jumps

Roles: Moderator

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# Pyrowarfare (Retired)

A BeastSaber admin who wrote the majority of content for How to Playtest, Mapping Anxiety, and contibuted on various other pages. Be warned: you will be asked to talk about your feelings.

Roles: Moderator, Mapping Support

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