They're too nice for their own good

The Support role is a symbol of thanks. Thanks for the thousands of messages sent in the support channels to help people sort out their mods, and for for building a knowledge of troubleshooting base through macros and the wiki.


He'll teach you to fix your plugins and your terribly off-beat first map. We've all been there.
Roles: Support, Mapper
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He'll give me his bio later today
Roles: Support, Modder


This guy came out of nowhere and started helping in support saying it was some kind of addiction, what a loon
Roles: Support
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You might know them for their spectacular platforms, or for more refined individuals: yeet sabers.
Roles: Support, 3D Artist

Channel Monitor Bot

The bot that holds it all together.
Created by Megalon, recreated by lolPants, and personified by Rolo!

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