The team that runs the show

Whether it comes to project management, plugin approval, managing the core services, event coordination, or many of the other secret projects, there's always lots of work to be done. The community wouldn't exist without the countless hours contributed by these incredible individuals, so please give them a virtual round of applause (and help pay for the services if you can...)


Overseeer of core services, including BeatSaver and BeatMods servers. The original Support and creator of the custom avatar guide, Mod Assistant, and ModelSaber.
Roles: Staff, Support, 3D Artist
Contributions: BeatMods Approval Staff, Multiplayer/Saber/Avatar/Platform Creation Guides, Moderation, ModelSaber, BeatSaver Admin, BSMG PodCasts
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Server Mom. Constantly looking for ways to tweak and improve the discord.
Roles: Staff, Support, 3D Artist
Contributions: ScoreSaber Admin, Moderation
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Co-creator of the BSMG as well as Channel Monitor Bot. He's known for his creative stream overlays and amazing ASMR voice.
Roles: Admin, Staff, Support, Modder
Contributions: CMB, BeatMods Approval, Stream Overlays, Moderation, PodCasts, Wiki
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BSMG server owner and rhythm game fanatic. We wouldn't be here today without this very special boy.
Roles: Admin, Staff, Modder
Contributions: Server Owner, Custom Sabers, PodCasts
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Official BSMG PR Guy. Events like the 100k Contest wouldn't have been possible without his efforts and networking skills. He also runs BeastSaber to help you find the best curated maps.
Roles: Staff, BSMG PR
Contributions: BeastSaber, Contest Management

Steven 🎀

The manager of many, Steven's always around to lend a helping hand as long as you don't mess with the blue haired cute girls.
Roles: Staff, Support
Contributions: THE ModelSaber Admin
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Project manager, wiki maintainer, bread baker. Despite what everyone says, I like girls.
Roles: Staff, Support
Contributions: Wiki Management, Moderation, Contest Management, BeatMods Approvals
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ScoreSaber Supreme Leader, creator of the custom leaderboards/ranked system and official developer for Beat Games. Always trying to do way too much work with not enough rest. Remember to pat your Umbranox once a day!
Roles: Staff, Offical Dev
Contributions: ScoreSaber
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The first professional Beat Saber player, representing Team Gravity. Admin of the ScoreSaber global leaderboards.
Roles: Staff
Contributions: ScoreSaber
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Original creator of SongLoader and CameraPlus, and a major contributor to the custom avatar plugin. He's since moved on to develop other VR games, like Waltz_of_the_Wizard!
Roles: Modder, Staff
Contributions: SongLoader, CameraPlus
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Balsa (retired)

BeatSaver creator - he's the reason we have somewhere to get our custom songs in the first place. He shows up in once in awhile to show off BeatSaver numbers, call us nerds, and present his collection of finely aged memes. He's since stepped down from the staff team but we wouldn't be here without him.
Contributions: BeatSaver Creator.