Frequently Asked Questions

I just got the game, how do I get started?

Check out our beginner's guide!

How do I get more songs?

BeatSaveropen in new window is the master repository of custom songs made by the community. Many other tools and sites enhance the experience of downloading custom songs, but this place is where they are hosted.

If you download maps manually from BeatSaver, extract them into a folder and place the files in Beat Saber/Beat Saber_Data/CustomLevels. This is the directory that the game natively reads custom maps from.


Beast Saberopen in new window is a review site that aims to curate all of the songs on BeatSaver. You can also download playlists, follow mappers, find songs using advanced sorting methods and more.

Song Management Tools

The following can be used to help you manage custom songs or playlists.

How do I install playlists?


You need to install the PlaylistManageropen in new window mod.

Then you can either:

  • Use the Install Playlist tool in the Options tab of Mod Assistant.
  • Place the playlist file into Beat Saber/Playlists, select the playlist title header in-game, then hit download all songs.

You should see the playlist next to the Custom Levels album's in-game. The mod also supports managing playlists in-game.


You can use Playlist Editor Proopen in new window to manage the playlists on your Quest. Note that a custom level can only appear once in-game due to a limitation with BMBF.

WARNING for Quest Users

Reloading your Custom Songs Folder resets all playlist organization.

How do I make my own custom levels?

See mapping!

How do I load PC mods that aren't in Mod Assistant?

See this section in the beginners guide.

Does multiplayer have crossplay?

Cross-play between Quest and PC versions of the game is now available! All players will need to be on the latest version for this to work. Additionally, modifying the game on Quest disables official multiplayer.

The BeatTogether mod is the current solution for cross-platform play between the modded game versions. Join their Discord serveropen in new window and check the #install-instructions channel for more information.

My game updated and now none of my mods are working

Each time the game updates it is possible (and very likely) that your existing mods will stop working and need to be updated. To make sure your install will not break when the game runs on a new update for the first time, everything in the Plugins folder is automatically moved into a new folder called Old 1.xx.x Plugins. Leave those plugins/mods in there! Please do not drag these mods back into the Plugins folder, as it is known to cause issues.

To get mods back, simply run the installer again.
The BeatMods repository only includes mods that have been confirmed to work on the latest version of the game!

If you're confused by any of this, visit Beginners Guide.

How does the scoring system work in Beat Saber? How does global ranking work?

We have sections on the grips and tricks page dedicated to the scoring and ranking systems, check them out!

My menus are blank and I have nothing to click on

If the main window in your game is blank, your save file likely got corrupted.

To fix it, navigate to: %AppData%\..\LocalLow\Hyperbolic Magnetism

Delete or rename the Beat Saber folder to something else. When you re-enter the game, it'll recreate the save file and should load the main menu properly.