# Regional Hub

A list of other regional communities outside of the Beat Saber Modding Group.

# Africa

None yet

# Americas

# Canada

Beat Saber Canada

The official Discord for the Canadian Beat Saber community!

Discord (opens new window)

# Asia

Beat Saber Asia

Community for Asian players and VR organizations. We have a limited quota for International members depending on our server size.

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# Israel

Beat Saber Israel

A server made to bring Isreali Beat Saber players together. International players welcome.

Discord (opens new window)

# Korea

B.S. Community for KOR

A community of Korean players 😃 information sharing and problem solving between users

Discord (opens new window)

# Middle East

Beat Saber Middle East

A private Discord for the saber beaters from / in the Middle East

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# Europe

# Austria

Hit bloq Community Austria

#1 unofficial Austrian Beat Saber discord that just recently opened doors for every Beat Saber fan all over the world! (We also have a Linus Tech Tip!)

Discord (opens new window)

# Belgium

Belgian Beat Saber Community

Official (private) Belgian Beat Saber Community for our fellow Belgian Beat Saber players

Application Form (opens new window)

# Denmark

Dane Saber

Official Beat Saber server for people that can pronounce "rød grød med fløde"!

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# France

Beat Saber FR

A private French Beat Saber community for francophone players!

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# Germany

German Beat Saber Community

Official German Beat Saber Discord for German players, but people from other countries are also welcome 😃

Discord (opens new window)

# The Netherlands

Dutch Beat Saber Group

The Dutch Beat Saber Group, featuring multiplayer rooms, movie nights, VRC nights, and more! Compare your ScoreSaber profile with other players using their custom BeatSaber Bot.

Discord (opens new window)

# Sweden

Beat Saber Sweden

We're the people who has fika with kanelbulle, and sometimes köttbullar...
The official Swedish discord, right here!

Discord (opens new window)

# Switzerland


Official Beat Saber Discord for Swiss players, but people from other countries are also welcome.

Discord (opens new window)

# UK

British Beat Saber Discord

We have tea!

Discord (opens new window)

# Norway

Beat Saber Norge

We are a small community based in the relatively small country of Norway. We want to have an accepting community of people from all countries with the use of our bot made by Rocker!

Discord (opens new window)

# Ireland

Beat Saber Ireland

Discord server for the Irish Beat Saber community, international players are welcome too!

Discord (opens new window)

# Oceania

None yet