# Community Hub

A list of other communities outside of the Beat Saber Modding Group.

# 115 Guild

A community for all accuracy related discussions and events. Whether you want to show off and compare your skills or seek to improve and learn, everyone is welcome! We also have an accuracy campaign for earning ranks in the server, how far can you get?

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# Acc Champ Community

We are an Acc focused community that plans to be the new hub for Acc related events, training, and a new ranking system to help give specific info on each player's strengths and weaknesses in Acc categories.

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# BeatKhana

We are BeatKhana, a Beat Saber community focused around pushing tournaments forward! What do we do?

  • We update and announce upcoming online tournaments, giving you all the information you need
  • Archive old tournaments so you can always find them back
  • Provide a place for people to promote their own tournaments and find suitable coordinators and casters
  • Host our own tournaments
  • Manage a pleasant Beat Saber community

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# Beat Saber Clan Hub

Beat Saber Clan Hub is the hub for all things clan-related. If you want to join or create a clan, this is the server for you!

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# Beat Saber Commissions

Have a model, map, or mod that you'd like done? Get in contact with the professionals here.

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# Beat Saber Events

A place to plan, post, discuss, and get notifications for events in your area.

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# Beat Saber League

A League-style tournament for Beat Saber!

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# Beat Saber Legacy Group

Welcome to the Beat Saber Legacy Group! Here we come together to relive the old days of Beat Saber by creating assets, mods, and tools to enhance your experience of Beat Saber! You can even downgrade your version here along with full mod support!

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# BeatSaver

The BeatSaver discord provides a centralized location for site support, content reports, bug reports, and developer discussions related to the main repository of custom maps.

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# BeatTogether Community

Community for the BeatTogether mod. This mod allows crossplay between PC platforms and Quest. This is a place to discuss the mod and follow its progress and releases!

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# Cube Community

Beat Saber gameplay spotlights, scoring guides, clip compilations, community events and more!

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# KPOP Beat Saber

Hi! We are a small community dedicated to mapping songs for Beat Saber. Bonus points if it's a Kpop song. But we welcome anyone who is interested in mapping or wants feedback! We also update the server with Kpop themed sabers and recent Kpop maps.

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# Saber Factory

Welcome to the Saber Factory server! Here you find all resources dedicated to the Saber Factory mod. Get help with the usage and creation of content, keep in touch with new updates, leave suggestions and much more.

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# ScoreSaber

Custom leaderboards and global ranking!

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# Qosmetics Community

Qosmetics Community is a community focused around providing Custom models, including sabers bloqs and walls to the quest! We are striving to improve and grow the community of the Quest Custom Content to a whole new level. Come play your way!

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# QuestBoard

We are a quest-focused beat saber community server, dedicated to improving the experience for as many players as we can.

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