<!-- TITLE: Custom Platforms --> # Installation The latest Custom Platforms plugin can be found in the Mod Manager. Run the Mod Manager, select the Custom Platforms plugin, and click Install. Once you've installed it you will see a folder called `CustomPlatforms` in [your install folder](/FAQ/install-folder), this is where you should place the `*.plat` files you want to use. You can download more platforms on [ModelSaber](https://modelsaber.assistant.moe/Platforms/). If you'd prefer a video demonstration, [here is a tutorial](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz7EPPqUjJ4) by Helixx VR. # Usage Inside the game in the main menu you will see a button called `PLATFORMS` near the bottom right of the center panel. Clicking that will open up a menu where you can preview and select which platform you want to use. Note that if you intend to use the `Progress Counter` mod, most platforms will block the center song timer. # Creating your own platform [Emma's Platform Guide](https://bs.assistant.moe/Platforms) is a great resource for learning how to make your own platforms.