<!-- TITLE: Custom Avatars --> <!-- --> # Installation The latest Custom Avatar plugin can be found in the [Mod Manager](/beginners-guide#how-to-install-mods). Once installed you should see a file called `CustomAvatar.dll` inside your `Plugins` folder. You should also see a folder called `CustomAvatars` in the main install folder—this is where you will be placing the `*.avatar` files you want to use. You can download more avatars on [ModelSaber](https://modelsaber.assistant.moe/Avatars/). # Usage The plugin uses the keyboard to change the settings. Make sure you have the game in focus, i.e. click on the desktop game window. | Key | Description | |:---------:|--------------------------------------------| | Page Up | Cycles to the next avatar in your list | | Page Down | Cycles to the previous avatar in your list | | Home | Toggles first person visibility (HMD) | > Note: Some avatars were not made with first person view in mind, so they might block your vision if enabled. {.is-warning} >Note: Avatars are not selected by default. Use Page Up / Page Down with the game in focus to switch to an avatar if none appear at first. {.is-warning} # Creating your own avatar [Assistant's Avatar Guide](https://bs.assistant.moe/Avatars) is a good resource for learning how to make your own avatar. The guide includes a [short video narrated by Megalon](https://bs.assistant.moe/Avatars#Videos), however it is intended to be an overview and you should watch it in addition to reading the guide, not lieu of.