<!-- TITLE: About --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Who made everything? --> Ever wonder who made your favorite mod or created the mod installer? This page tells you a little bit about some of the major Beat Saber modding community contributors. The community wouldn't exist without the blood, sweat, and tears of these amazing volunteers. *Note: some people could go under multiple sections, so I tried to sort these pages the best I could. If you'd like anything about your section changed, feel free to contact me - williums* # Who We Are [Staff](/about/staff) The team that runs the show at the forefront and behind the scenes. Whether it comes to project management, plugin approval, managing the core services, event coordination, or many of the other secret projects, there's always lots of work to be done. The community wouldn't exist without the countless hours contributed by these incredible individuals, so please give them a virtual round of applause (and help pay for the services if you can...) [Moderators](/about/moderators) With a server so large, a lot of moderation is required to keep everything under control. You can thank this team for keeping the streets clean. [Modders](/about/modders) The game as we know it wouldn't exist if people didn't want to add their own spin to it. These are the modders who have spent countless of their own hours to help us personalize the the game. [Supports](/about/supports) The Support role is a symbol of thanks. Thanks for the thousands of messages sent in the support channels to help people sort out their mods, and for for building a knowledge of troubleshooting base through macros and the wiki. [3D Artists](/about/3-d-artists) From sabers to notes, custom models have always been a popular aspect of modded beat saber which wouldn't be possible without them. Mappers Each of your favorite maps is carefully crafted and tested over many hours by a talented mapper. As much as we'd love to include them here too, there are WAY too many of them. If you like someone's maps, give it a thumbs up in game, review it on [BeastSaber](https://bsaber.com), or tell them personally! They'll really appreciate it. >Furthermore, there is a community run discord to help connect mappers/artists with clients if you would like to commission something. We encourage you to reach out in the [Beat Saber Commissions server.](https://discord.gg/4RbcH5G) # About This Wiki This is a wiki for all things relating to modding the game Beat Saber. It was originally created to replace the `#beginners-guide` and `#faq` channels of the [Beat Saber Modding Group Discord](https://discord.gg/beatsabermods). Source control is contained within [this Git repo](https://github.com/megalon/beat-saber-community-wiki)