All Mods

An attempt to list all mods that exist for Beat Saber


Many of these mods are available via the ModSaber Installer and it is highly recommended to install them this way to avoid any mishaps. For the ones that aren't, refer to FAQ. Mods without a [Usage] link do not require or support any configuration.

This list may be outdated. Make sure to check that the plugin is compatible with your version of the game before trying to install it.
These days, most mods are posted to ModSaber, which shows the version compatibility.

Core Plugins

Song Loader by xyonico
Allows custom songs to be loaded into the game.

Score Saber by Umbranox
Adds leaderboards to custom songs.

BeatSaver Downloader by andruzzzhka
Allows you to download and upvote/downvote songs from BeatSaver.

Song Browser by halsafar
Filter songs by playlist, search, or favorites. Sort songs by author, song name, play count, difficulty available, random, newest.

Cosmetic Changes

Beat Singer by greg
Displays floating lyrics while playing the game.
Release Usage

Bloom Mod by Ibodan
Customize internal bloom effect parameters of each cameras in-game.
Release Usage

Custom Saber Plugin by Reaxt
Allows you to replace the default sabers with custom models.
Release Usage

Custom Avatar Plugin by xyonico
Allows you to use fullbody avatars.
Release Usage

Custom Platforms by Rolo
Allows you to change the platform you stand on in the game.
Release Usage

Custom Colors by kyle1413
Allows you to change the default red-blue color schema to anything you want.
Release and Usage

Custom Menu Text by Arti
Changes the game's title in the main menu.
Release and Usage

Custom Fail Text by Arti
Changes the text when you fail a song.
Release and Usage

Debris Remover by brian
Removes note debris that appear after slicing a note.

NOTE: Kyle1413 created the original Debris Remover, but decided to remove this plugin from modsaber, and also deleted the github repo.
The plugin was "fundamentally flawed" and "caused extremely hard to reproduce issues that were run ruining."
The plugin worked by setting the debris lifetime to 0, but this would somehow cause strange issue like the example below.

Immersive Mode by bigfoot
Disable the in-song HUD in your headset or on the mirror.
Release and Usage

Note: There is now an option in the base game to disable the UI (as of Beat Saber v0.12.0)

Legacy Bombs by Dirk
Replaces the current bombs with the older bomb model.
Download Only

Note Miss Effect Remover by brian
Removes the "MISS" text when you miss a note on Beat Saber.

Simplest Rainbow Mod originally by RQ, updated by oshi
Randomizes the colors of the background lights.

Transparent Walls by PureDark
A plugin that make the walls transparent in your cameras.
Note: You must be in No-Fail mode to enable transparent walls in the headset.
Release and Usage


Full Combo Display by bigfoot
Display a ring around your multiplier if you haven't missed yet.
Release and Usage

Hit-Score Visualizer by Arti
Colors the score popups that appear when hitting notes and adds judgment text above (or below) the score.
Release and Usage

Intro Skip by Kyle1413
Allows you to skip intros of songs that are longer than 5 seconds without any significant objects.
Release and Usage

Missed Counter by Caeden117
Shows a counter of the notes you have missed or hit incorrectly while playing through a song.

Next Rank Plugin by peeterwooley
Shows the number of points needed to get to the next rank below your Highscore in the song detail view.

Perfection Display by monkeymanboy
Displays how well you hit various notes within a range.
Release and Usage

Practice Plugin by xyonico, updated by kyle1413
Change the speed of the song in no-fail mode, and set a loop to practice.

Progress Counter by Strackeror
Displays the song progression, estimated letter grade and % of maximum score earned.

Gameplay Changes

AutoPause by Auros
Will pause your game if major tracking issues are detected or if your FPS decreases after a certain threshold.
Release and Usage

Darth Maul by PureDark
Double-sided saber mod.
Release and Usage

Hidden Blocks by brian
Makes any notes/bombs disappear when they come within range of your player
Release and Usage

Hit Swap by ItsNovaHere
Forces the hit directions of notes to directions (and modes) of your choosing.
Release and Usage

Saber Tailor by Ruu
Tweak almost everything about your sabers, including length, grip, and trail length.
Release and Usage

Stream and Camera Tools

Camera Plus by xyonico
Increases the FOV and smoothes the movement of the desktop window in first person mode, and also features a static third person camera mode.
Release and Usage

Camera Shake On Miss by Caeden117
Causes the desktop window camera to shake on miss.
Download only

HTTP Status by opl
Exposes information about the current game status, to be used to build custom stream overlays or track player performance.
Release and Usage

Song Status by Oshi
Writes currently playing song status to a text file that can be read by programs like OBS.
Release Usage

Stream Info by bigfoot
Output BeatSaber game data to an external overlay to be used on stream.
Release Usage

Twitch Integration by Soliel
For all you streamers out there who want song requests in your chat!
Release and Usage

Enhanced Twitch Chat by brian
A rich text Twitch chat integration mod with full unicode, emote (including BetterTwitchTV and FrankerFaceZ), badge, and Emoji support.
Release and Usage

Twitch Chat IRC by RQ
Display Twitch chat in-game, and allows you to send responses without taking your headset off.
Release and Usage

Multi-View by RQ
Adds a smaller first-person "window" on top of the desktop camera to let you record both first and third person perspectives with CameraPlus.
Release and Usage

Other Plugins

Beat Saber Tweaks by Taz
Allows you to customize many UI and gameplay elements of the game.
Release and Usage

Custom Menu Music by andruzzzhka
Changes the music that plays in the Beat Saber menu.
Release and Usage

Discord Rich Presence
Enables Discord Rich Presence for Beat Saber.
Release and Usage

Random Song by Taz
Select and play a song at random.
Release and Usage

OnHit by Barudaq
Allows you to change the sounds for the hit sounds in game, including all kinds of Bad Cuts, Short Hits, and Long Hits.
Release and Usage

Bail Out by Jumpman
Stops your game from ending if your energy drops to 0 and will instead switch you to No Fail mode.

Reactive Materials by PureDark
Light events on materials.

Camera Mover by RQ
Move camera to preset locations.
Download Only

Shit Map Detector by brian
Detects bad maps and sounds the alarm before you waste your time playing them!
Release and Usage

Mapper Feed by brian
Automatically downloads the latest songs from your favorite mappers whenever you launch Beat Saber.
Release and Usage

Joke Plugins

BeepBoopv2 by RQ
Beep Boop
Download Only

Download Only

wddada by Arti
Download Only

Tilted by Caeden117
A plugin that fucks up the scene when you fuck up a note.
Release Usage

Fun Times by RQ
Download Only

Other tools

Beat Saber Custom Playlist Complier
Automatically convert Youtube or Spotify playlists to BeatDrop playlists.

KeySaber by elliottate
Use your Touch controllers (rift only) to trigger basically anything on your computer while in VR. Requires AutoHotKey.
Release and Usage

Beat Saber Twitch Bot by Mr.Moogles
A standalone Beat Saber twitch request bot.
Release Usage