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From sabers to notes, custom models have always been a popular aspect of modded beat saber which wouldn't be possible without them.


"The guy who made giant glowing dicks in beat saber" ~Emulamer 12th of July 2019
As you can read I make sabers for quest, but generally I've been active in the asset modding part of beat saber, I've also done some for other games but Beat saber is my main love. If you ever need help making sabers specifically for quest you can always ask me over in the quest modeling channel (until we get that qsaber mod anyways) keep on sabering that meat till it's real tender!
Roles: 3D Artist
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Roles: 3D Artist
3D Artist and Quest Modder. Supporting the VR community in any way that I can! Primarily focusing on offering niche Beat Saber mods for the Quest and helping enhance gameplay through 3D models.
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Roles: 3D Artist


Developer of ModelSaber 2.0 (which launches soon™) and crafter of many sabers.
Roles: 3D Artist


Roles: 3D Artist


Roles: 3D Artist


Tons and tons of Full Body Tracking support!
Roles: 3D Artist


Roles: 3D Artist


Wrote the custom saber creation guide among other fantastic contributions.
Roles: 3D Artist

Derpy Hooves

Roles: 3D Artist


They've got some impressive shaders and they're not afraid to use them.
Roles: 3D Artist


Most well known for their incredibly flashy dance platform and space opera sabers, but it's a little known fact that they also make mods!
Roles: 3D Artist, Modder
Contributions: Bloom Mod


One of the first creators to mass produce avatars, and thus give birth to this role.
Roles: 3D Artist


Roles: 3D Artist

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